Our Guiding Values

Our guiding values and intentionally cast as tensions between two often opposing influences.   These values guide us in that they continually challenge all of our interpretations and actions with the purpose of ensuring further clarity and fullness in our understanding of God, Scripture, and our presence in this community and the world. 

  1. Prophetic and Pastoral: We value the tension created by the dual Biblical offices of the prophet and the pastor:  the prophet, who engages in a perpetual and creative struggle with social constructs that marginalize and exclude;  the pastoral, who engages in stabilizing, comforting and identity-strengthening ministries.
  2. Intimate and Welcoming: We value the tension created by our deep inner craving for intimacy and our equally compelling desire to see others loved and cared for and appreciated. Strong authentic community and a welcoming, seeking spirit are reciprocal – to seek for and welcome others is integral to the identity of our community. 
  3. Wise and Child-like: We have found that social situations are usually complex and often systemic and yet we also believe that our faith requires actions despite our limited understating. We value the tension created by this demand for careful study and the counter-demand to simply act; employing all of our combined knowledge, experience and abilities to discern more just, loving and liberating expressions of our faith in all its manifestations while purposefully and tangibly living the simplicity of the gospel.
  4. Mystical and Relevant: We value the tension between the mystical work of the spirit, the transcendent source of Gods Word and the relevant imminent implications of this work and this Word. We rely on the mystical work of the Spirit and the Word of God to transform our minds, hearts and wills as we engage daily in political, social, ecological, relational and spiritual decisions and actions.
  5. Liberal and Evangelical: We value the tension created by joining the characteristics of the traditions of liberal and evangelical Christianity. We want to accept and engage  the scholarship of both schools of thought, gracious and with humble spirits maintaining clear convictions regarding the deity of Jesus Christ, the authority of Scriptures, and the will of God in the trajectory of creation and history.
  6. Diverse and Defined: We value the tension created in embracing both diversity and a clearly defined identity – valuing the perspectives and truths that different cultures and different experiences contribute to our understanding of Jesus Christ, scriptures, creation and history.
  7. Grace and Truth: We value the tension that exists between a realistic acknowledgment of sin and evil in he world and the love and grace of God that bears all things.  Accepting that we all are prone to both error and sin, we seek to look directly and unflinchingly upon the human condition with grace, art, humour and truthfulness.